PaintDate : speed dating + body painting singles event (no nudity)


DENART Body Painting Studio


The Globe

158 E. 23rd st, New York, NY 10010

New York, NY, US, 10010

Tired of swiping or typical dating event?


What is this?

A different way to meet and connect with other singles through fast-paced interactive body painting activities designed to facilitate real connection.


Why is this better than a traditional dating event?

Traditional speed dating event puts pressure on you to be interesting by talking about yourself within few minutes. This is rarely effective because each person is concerned about looking and sounding good, instead of connecting with another person. In these situations, you normally end up asking and answering the same superficial questions that don’t define who you really are (i.e. “what do you do?”, “how old are you?” etc.).

Our approach focuses on creating a space for the attendees to play through the various activities. This brings out the real interesting person inside in a natural way. Our activities are designed to get the attendees to laugh and have fun. We believe that they are the most attractive when they’re having fun.


Who is this for?

Singles between 25 – 40. Although this event involves body painting, you don’t have to be an artist to attend. Most attendees paint simple shapes or even use words. The focus of the activties is not on the finished paintings, but on the interaction during the painting activity.


How does this work?

  1. We start with a group activity to warm up

  2. Attendees pair up and paint each other for few minutes

  3. Men rotate, repeat #2 until time is up

  4. Mixer to allow you to continue the connection with new friends/potential romantic partners


What’s included?

  • Body painting supplies and other supplies needed for other activities


What’s the dress code?

  • Wear comfortable (tank top with any bottom) clothes that allows you to expose some body parts for others to paint on



Does this event involve nudity?

No. Attendees will be asked to wear tanktops for the event. 

How many people attend each event?

10 – 20 people (5 – 10 of each sex)

Will there be alcohol served at the event?

Yes, the bar will be opened