“Art on live canvas” fun workshop for couples

Experience painting and getting painted!

This class is geared towards creating art on one another in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Bring a friend, lover, partner, mom, dad, or brother!

  • Every workshop lasts for 2 hours and is limited to 10 students with 3 couples minimum to hold the class
  • Class starts with demonstration by the instructor, then the instructor goes around providing individual attention and guidance for each student.
  • >Nudity is not a requirement for this class. You can come wearing a backless top.

Design you’ll paint

In each class, we do one of the following designs:





your own

your own

Please choose the date according to the design you are interested in learning and painting.

What to bring

We will provide the supplies for the class, so you don’t need to bring anything to the class. We do encourage participants to come with ideas for the design(s) that they’d like to paint on their partner or what they’d like to have painted on themselves.


Can my friend come to the session?
Sorry, this is only for registered students. Having people who don’t participate in the class could make some students feel uncomfortable.

Do I have to be an artist or have some artistic skills?
No. Most people who come to this class don’t consider themselves as artistic or would brag about their painting abilities. The focus of this class is to experiment with body painting and have fun: to play.

Do I have to be in nude for this class?
No, nudity is not required for this class. Many students prefer to be topless for the class. However, if you don’t feel comfortable being topless, you can get the painting on your back and you can cover your front torso.

Can I bring wine to class?
Yes, please do.