Nude body painting : portfolio session

spanish dancer body painting in progress
The experience is very similar to the regular nude body painting session. The main difference is the painting selection will be something that we don’t have in our portfolio. In other words, you’ll be the first to have that design.

The purpose of this session is to create a new image to expand our portfolio (and yours). This is why we subsidize half of the cost for the session. In addition to showcasing the image on our site, we may use the images for our next book and/or other commercial and promotional uses.

What to expect

  • Private body painting session by Danny Setiawan, our master painter, with the coverage area of your front or back. This would last anywhere from 1.5 – 3 hours depending on the design.
  • After the painting is done,  the newly painted masterpiece on your body will be captured in a studio photography session that last for about an hour. At the end of the session, you’ll sign an industry-standard model release form.
  • After the session, we’ll apply basic retouching to the images and upload them to an online gallery.
  • You will receive credit that you can use to purchase prints from the online gallery
  • We will also send you 10 digital images of your choice that you can use for your online portfolio (web resolution approximately 600 x 900 px)


At the moment, we’re looking to expand 2 series:

Art History is series of masterpieces recreation on human body. It’s a tribute to the old masters and our way to push the boundary of technical excellence in body painting. Some samples from this series:

starry night

starry night

Spanish Dancer

Spanish Dancer

Birthday after Chagal

Birthday after Chagal

persistence of memory

persistence of memory

My Body, My Story is a series that visualizes the story of the model in the form of body painting. Some samples from this series:

rebirth body painting by Danny Setiawan of DenArt NY body art studio


Lion Dance body painting

Lion Dance

Muay Thai body painting

Muay Thai

Mother Nature Body painting

Mother Nature

You can go to those galleries to get a better idea of the type of design that we do for each.


Do I get to choose the design that will be painted on me?
You can suggest a design, but the painter will have the final say based on your look and the information that he gathers from you when he speaks with you.

I don’t have modeling experience. Am I eligible?
Yes, we work with both professional models from agencies and people who have never done modeling. We will provide guidance for posing and other aspects of the session for inexperienced models.

Can I use the images for my portfolio?

Do I get any print?
No, but you will get $50 credit to purchase print from us. The reason for this is because we want to allow you to choose any size and medium that you want (i.e. 20″x 30″ on canvas or few 4″x6″ on paper). You can see the print price list here.