5 minutes a day

Mucha sketch 5 minutes a day exerciseRecently, on Quora I read an answer on tips for daily habits to save time.

That particular answer was interesting because the writer focused on minimizing energy waste instead of time waste. I found this interesting because our relationship as human beings with time is a curious one. Sometimes we feel tired after spending minutes doing one task, but there are other tasks that make hours fly by so quickly and make us feel energized even though we may be physically tired.

Essentially this is about productivity. Not only productivity during x period of time, but also finding ways to somehow recharge/create energy to carry us forward to continue the endeavor the next day.

One of the tips shared was called the 5 minutes rule. It says “If you want to improve in something, just set your mind to do it for 5 minutes a day.”

What this tip does is tricking our on mind to commit to only a small task knowing that we’ll end up spending more than 5 minutes doing it once we start.

One thing that I’ve been wanting to do is to practice more drawing and improve in it because drawing skill is essential in all visual art activities including body painting.

I started yesterday by drawing an image from a Mucha book that I have in my apartment. It’s a good way to learn from this master.