Art and obsession

Superhero painting by Andreas EnglundRecently, I came across a series of aging superhero by Swedish artist Andreas Englund: The Life and Times of an Aging Superhero Captured in Oil Paintings by Andreas Englund.

This series really impressed me since it’s very human and done with superb level of craftsmanship.

As I spend time enjoying his work, which is comical yet sobering with reality of life that even superheroes need to deal with, I came to a realization that art at the very essence is a manifestation of a person’s obsession.

In this case, Mr. Englund is certainly obsessed with superheroes from comics and the Pulp Fiction-like down time chatter/activity of a glamorous figure.

This reminds me of how I learned to draw as a little child. I drew characters and objects that I obsessed with. I also see this in my daughter how she obsesses over things with undivided focus. This is what I need to regain as an artist.

As an artist, what are you obsessed with?