Body Paint Night

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Interactive body painting event

A body painting party hosted by DenArt studio is an expressive and empowering night out.

Held at a nice Williamsburg restaurant, you’ll get to take your creativity outside of the usual studio. Mix and mingle with other artists, models, photographers and other creative people as you create a painting on each other or become a living canvas for one of the artists.

What to expect:

  • Live body painting
  • Space and supplies for body painting so you can paint and/or get painted
  • Live music
  • Free champagne and hors d’oeuvre for early birds

This is a 21+ event

Although some people will be topless (no full nudity), nudity is not a requirement to attend or get painted.


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Summer 2015

Live Music: Pravin Thompson Quartet

Pravin Members Quartet: Pravin Thompson Anthony Pocetti Jarrett Walser Charlie Dougherty

Genre Rock, Jazz, Experimental, Improvisation.

On Soundcloud:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does everyone need to paint or get painted ?
    No, not at all. Some people come as spectators. They love seeing others paint and get painted in beautiful designs. It’s quite a liberating creative experience!
  • Will there be nudity ?
    Some people will be topless. Our painters do an amazing job at covering their private regions with beautiful designs, or with material to cover up. It’s very tasteful, and you will be amazed with the end result. Full nudity is not allowed at this event.
  • Can I get painted ?
    Sure! We will have painting stations through out the venue. You can ask another guest to paint you or sign up to get painted by our artists. You can have the artist paint your face, hands, legs, arms, back, chest, or you can go topless (male & female). It’s all up to your comfort zone, and at your discretion. Tell the painter what you want and where, and be amazed.
  • If I want to get painted, what kind of design can I get?
    If you choose to get painted by one of our artists, you can choose any design that can be done within 30 minutes. You can see sample designs here. Obviously, you can choose different designs with similar complexity or something simpler if you’d like more coverage area. If your design is to complex to be done within the available time slot, the artist will simplify it.
  • Will there be a bar ?
    Yes, there’s a large bar and separate lounge section to enjoy the painting fun.
  • Can I come to the event already painted ?
    Yes, by all means. You’re more than welcome to come to the event painted.
  • What’s the travel situation looking like? parking?
    Well you’re in luck. The venue is close to L train, Bedford ave stop and G train, Nassau stop. If you drive, street parking around the venue is pretty easy to find.
  • Will there be a coat check?
    No, Sorry
  • Are there any showers ?
  • How to remove paint?.
    All paint is water based and safe for your body and clothing. It can be removed by soap and water.
  • Dude, where is my money going ?
    Paint, brushes and other art materials, artists, party supplies and promotion to bring in the great people. All these cost a lot these days:-( .Plus, % from our revenue goes to support an organization fighting human trafficking.