clients pictures on the wall

Polaroid pictures of happy "canvases"


Thanks again for doing the job last minute. The girls looked amazing!!

— Camoy Briscoe

Spectacular! You and your models are both classy and amazing! So perfect! You definately made a few fans but I lead the pack. Just amazing. Thank you!

— Howard Haber

Danny is a very talented painter who painted two models at my husband’s 40th Birthday party. He put a great deal of thought and care into the details. Everyone at the party loved watching him paint.
Danny accomodated a special request of ours to paint a famous piece of art that he had not done before which came out amazing. He engaged the audience and made everyone feel comfortable – – he even painted on the arms of a few of our guests. If you want to make a party extra special, consider bringing in Danny – he is flexible and can suggest numerous ways to bring his painting into your party! Thanks Danny!

Thanks so much! The girls looked/were fantastic! I will definitely keep you posted on upcoming events.

I can never forget what a Hit your body painting was at my party last year. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you keep making progress

— Seema Gupta

Thank YOU for bringing the color and glow! You guys were a big hit! And I’m so glad you were able to join us.

Thanks so much for helping make our event special, you did a great job!

— Samantha A, Kobo

Photo shoot

You simply must experience this!!! Like the rater below…I saw this offer on Living Social…except that I didn’t hesitate to grab it for even one second, and I am SO glad that I was able to experience this opportunity. I picked the Persistence of Memory piece to be painted on my front and Gulya truly transformed me into a work of art. She was personable, skilled and did an incredible job with the painting…she knew just how to customize the original painting to my brown skin tone and body type. I was honored to be her canvas! And the photo shoot portion…what can I say…the pictures came out fantastic. She made me feel comfortable, gave great direction, had me try poses that complimented my body and features and took nearly 450 shots (all of which I got on a disk at the end!). I couldn’t wait to show those beautiful pictures off to my friends and family, who all complimented on how incredible they were…and how they envied that at 41 years of age, I was so open to do this (In fact, the quality of the pictures had many saying that I could be a model!). It was easily one of the best things I have experienced and would do it again…in fact I plan on doing it again!!!

AWESOME time for the ticklish…TOTALLY recommend this for anyone looking for something outrageous to do! Not something that I had ever thought about but when the offer came up on LivingSocial, I grabbed it (after an hour of thinking about it)! It was just something for me to do for me. I am a plus size woman and the dragon came out fierce. Those that I showed couldn’t tell if it was my front or my backside. Danny was a pleasure to work with, and kept me at ease the entire time which I didn’t think would be possible. Next year is the Chinese year of the Dragon and I am thinking of making a picture into a holiday card and send them to my friends and family :))

— Nic, Google Places

REALLY cool experience…I would recommend to anyone who is looking to just live and experience interesting things in life…you only live once so why not do interesting and fun things! I was very comfortable, nothing to be nervous or self conscious about…I am a photographer so I was able to contribute to the photo session as well, which was a lot of fun…stop hesitating and just go and do it, you won’t be disappointed…

It truly was an amazing experience. I also have been wanting to experience body painting for a while, and Den Art made it possible and, as most have mentioned, the environment was very comfortable. Def. recommending to friends, I’d do it again.

I loved this! I would definitely recommend this experience. The painting was beautiful and the photo shoot was so much fun. If you’re thinking about doing it, you should definitely go for it.

Would recommend to anyone!! I knew I wanted to do a body painting session as soon as I saw it, something in me told me I can do that! I had such a great time with the artists at DEN ART! The session was a very empowering experience and even though you are nude in front of people you barely know I still felt very comfortable. Danny and his lovely wife took great care of me even when I became a bit dizzy. The artist who painted me was fantastic and let me take breaks when I needed to. I am so happy I did this and have the photos to remember this wonderful experience

— Nance, Google Places

This was FANTASTIC! I bought this as a gift for my wife and we absolutely loved the experience. I was able to see her transformed into a work of art as a living canvas. Danny was excellent in doing the painting and the photography. It provided an excellent memory for my wife and I to share and the pictures look fantastic.

Thank you! You certainly made me more beautiful than ever. You’re the best!

Thanks for the pics and the amazing opportunity. I absolutely loved every minute of it

— Helen Shpits

Danny is one of the most talented and professional artists and photographers i have ever worked with. He put me right at ease when doing my body paint and his recreation of Dali’s temptation of st.anthony was just amazing. I would work with him again anytime he wanted to.

Such a pleasure to work with. Danny is an extremely gifted painter and i felt honored to be his canvas. I had Van Gogh’s Starry Night painted on my body and Danny was very professional and very respectful and it turned out beautifully. Thanks Danny!

I absolutely LOVED my experience at DenArt. Danny is an amazing talent. His painting of the Spanish dancer was so beautifully done and detailed. The photo session was also a lot of fun and we got so many great pictures. Everyone at DenArt is so wonderful and professional. I am planning on going back for another session soon!

— DI, Google Places

I had an amazing experience at Den Art . I thought I might be self conscious of being undressed and of posing for pictures but everyone made me feel so comfortable and was so professional that I immediately felt at ease and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. My husband was blown away by the painting and photographs that I gave him for our anniversary. I highly recommend it.

Den Art is definitely an experience that i would recommend! Danny makes you feel totally at ease and his talent makes the painting come to life on your body! It’s something not only fun but a memory and pictures you can keep forever, I am looking forward to doing this again!

I didn’t think I would feel comfortable being completely nude, but Danny was extremely professional and made me feel at ease. A once in a lifetime experience!

This was the best time that I have ever had naked in front of strangers! Last year I saw a Living Social deal for the body painting/photo shoot package and immediately convinced my boyfriend to get painted with me. We finally went last night and it was awesome! First, I would like to say that I am not an exhibitionist in any way. I am the girl at the gym wearing two towels to cover top and bottom who would get dressed in the locker if she could. So I was expecting to be a little uncomfortable about being naked. NERP!!! The two artisits were great, at no point was I uncomfortable, they both did excellent work, and the atmosphere was light and fun. Also to my suprise, my BF was comfortable too. I got Starry Night painted on my front and my BF got the Koi on his back. It was truly a great experience that we will repeat in the future.

I bought the body painting session for my husband and I to do together and it was amazing. Danny and his crew made us (who are eligible for AARP) feel great, sexy and joyous. They are incredibly talented and caring artists. The experience is liberating and a lot of fun. We’re going to give this as gifts to all of our friends. If you have any doubts just do it!

GO DO THIS!!!!!!! You must try this. Danny and his staff are very professional and kind and made this a relaxing fun experience. I can’t wait to do this again. My photos came out great and I even purchased additional.

— Alexandria H, Google Places

Danny was awesome to work with and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. I loved my body art so much that it inspired me to get the tattoo I’ve been hesitating on. I’m def going back!

Awesome experience! Danny and his team were very professional. It was so much fun and I left there feeling sexy and confident. Never in my life did I think I’d do something like this and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It turned out to be such an amazing experience. If you haven’t had this happen yet, go for it. It’s so worth it! Thanks Danny!

Our experience at Den Art was amazing from start to finish. My boyfriend and I decided to do a couples nude body painting session and had an idea of what we wanted painted. We arrived at the studio as someone else was finishing their session. That person gave us their remaining half bottle of champaigne and told us tohave a geeat time. Danny and his partner were very thoughtful and collaborative in working with us to choose the image that would eventually be painted and then very professionally made our bodies a work of art. The overall time from beginning to end was about 2 hours. Once we were painted my boyfriend took solo pictures, I took solos and we took pictures together. The artists then patiently put all (hundreds) of pictures unto a CD for us. I will need to go back to have them edit the final pictures we’d like to put on canvas. At the end we took two polaroids – one to put on the wall of the studio and one for us to keep. The polaroids were two of the best pictures. But we also have a beautiful memory and the pictures to remind us of this special experience. I have included one of the edited Den Art pics in my profile picture. Amazing. Go. You’ll love it.

Such a great experience that every one should try and a real ego booster. I chose a Asian inspired dragon on my back and could’t believe how good and quickly it was done. Danny and his assistant were very nice and made sure I was comfortable every step along the way. Love how everything came out.

I purchased a groupon for a bodypainting experience at DenArt awhile back and found out i was pregnant shortly after. DenArt was kind enough to push back the expiration date just a bit so i could do the experience when i was 8months pregnant so i would have a big round belly which i thought would be cool in shoot. I cant say enough how happy i am with the images. We did the tree of life which i thought would be ideal for pregnancy and the artist was incredible. The painting was perfect and exceeded my expectations. All of the staff was courteous and helpful. The photo shoot was wonderful. They were able to capture tons of great shots which i had to choose from off the CD i received. All in all I found the experience well worth the money spent and i highly reccomend to anyone looking for a unique experience. Thank you Danny and staff!

Danny is excellent. I came with a friend today who wanted to get painted and try something new. He was very friendly, helpful and really comforting overall. My friend was a little nervous, but he was open, not creepy, and made the whole process so fun. The studio was clean, cozy, and nice.

I highly recommend this place. The prices are great. They often have deals, and the art is just awesome. If this could be your thang, check it out.

What great fun this was! My gf and I had an hour session with Danny. I had butterfly wings painted on my back and flowers and dragon fly painted on my stomach- it turned out amazing. I loved the pictures taken as well! My friend had a cherry blossom with bird painted on her back and it was wonderful as well. We were both extremely happy about the experience and thinking of getting the 3 hour full body session done as well! Highly recommended