Nude session: My Story

muay thai body painting by DenArt NY studio

The model for the image above is an MMA fighter who uses muay thai a lot in her fights. This is why we have an image of a muay thai fighter painted on her.

We are looking to create a series of these images to empower people by allowing them to tell their stories through body painting.

Each image in this series is customized to the model’s story. We see the body painting as the spiritual side of the model while the pose and facial expression show his/her physical side. Anyone can submit his/her story (link to contact form below). We will work with the model to design the painting based on her/his story.

We aim to complete 30 images this year. The cost of the project covers the following for each image:

  • consultation and design
  • materials
  • studio space
  • painting
  • photography
  • post production

After we finish the image, we will publish it along with the story on our site as seen below. Once we have a good number of images done, we plan to compile them as a book and/or display them in an art exhibition so they can inspire more people.

Completed stories

madame x

madame x

birth of venus body painting by Danny Setiawan of DenArt NY

birth of venus

rebirth body painting by Danny Setiawan of DenArt NY body art studio


tribal phoenix body painting by Danny Setiawan of DenArt NY body art studio

tribal phoenix

Lion Dance body painting

Lion Dance

Tango body painting


Muay Thai body painting

Muay Thai

Mother Nature Body painting

Mother Nature