Non-nude body painting session

Not ready for full-blown body painting experience? Start with an hour long non-nude body painting photo shoot!

This will allow you to experience some body painting and some modeling even if you’re not comfortable with nudity.

What to expect from this experience:

  • Private Body Painting Session
  • Customer can choose any design. If the chosen design is too complicated for the time frame, our painter will simplify it or customer can extend the session for extra cost
  • Free consultation

Photography service (optional)

In addition to this body painting session, you can purchase a Professional Studio Photography Session. After the painting is done,  the newly painted masterpiece on your body will be captured in photography session.

Photography service includes:

  • Studio photography session
  • Private online gallery for images from your session with $50 print credit

Make up artist and hair stylist not included in package. Please inquire if you need either/both services (additional cost apply).

Body painting designs

You can choose any design that you want, but please note that it needs to be fairly simple so it can be done in 60 minutes. We’ll paint as much as we can within that 60 minutes time frame. Some design ideas:

crow on a branch non-nude body painting idea

crow on a branch

lotus inside non-nude body painting idea

lotus inside

lotus and wave non-nude body painting idea

lotus and wave

orchid non-nude body painting idea


victorian rose non-nude body painting idea

victorian rose

butterfly and flower non-nude body painting design ideas

butterfly and flower

white tiger non-nude body painting idea

white tiger

sakura non-nude body painting idea


tribal non-nude body painting idea



What’s the process of choosing the design?
When you schedule your appointment, please send us 2-3 images of the designs that you want, or if you don’t know, you can just describe the overall theme that you have in mind so we can provide recommendations. If the design that you choose is too complex to complete in 90 minutes and you really want that particular design, we’ll let you know the extra time and cost for it. The extra cost normally range from $100 – $150.

Can I choose more than one part of my body to be painted?
Yes, you can choose as many parts of your body as you want within the 30 minutes of the painting time

What do I need to prepare prior to the session?
Please wear clothing and put on make up that go well with the colors in the design.

Do I get any print?
No, but you will get $50 credit to purchase any print from us. The reason for this is because we want to allow you to choose any size and medium that you want (i.e. 20″x 30″ on canvas or few 4″x6″ on paper). You can see the print price list here.