Private Body painting Sessions

Nude session

Elaborate body painting for the entire front or back upper body. A typical session lasts for 1.5 – 2hours, followed by 45 – 60 minute studio photography session.

Nude session: for 2

A nude session for 2 people, painted simultaneously. A typical session lasts for 3hours: 2 hours of body painting done simultaneously by 2 body painters working on each individual body, followed by 45 – 60 minute studio photography session. Photography session consists of individual and combined shots.

Nude session: Ultimate

The ultimate experience that includes a custom original design, a full-day (8 hours )session with the Master Painter, make up, hair styling, photography session, retouching, canvas print and more.

Maternity belly painting

Belly painting for expecting mothers. A typical session lasts for 2 hours: 1 hour of belly painting, followed by 45 -60 minutes of studio photography session.

Non-nude session

Body painting on area of the body that are not covered by clothing. 60 minutes of body painting, followed by a 30 minute studio photography session.

Event Services

Body painting for events

We do live body painting at your event or paint the models prior to the event. We can also provide the models

Private body painting party at our studio

Body painting party for you and 5 (or more) of your friends at our studio. After the body painting session, we do studio photography session to allow you and your guests to express yourselves.

Other Services

Print services

We offer print services for various sizes on paper and canvas. Prints will be mailed to you for no additional cost (US address only).