Bachelorette or Bachelor Body Painting Party at studio

Celebrate a beautiful new stage of your life with an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime bonding experience for you & your closest friends!

Enjoy a private 2-hour body paint session where you and your friends can familiarize yourselves with body paint, guided by an expert instructor, and paint one another into creative and colorful masterpieces!

Add on models to paint, as well as refreshments or a professional painting by a certified body painter on the bride or groom of the day!

Basic Package:

$99/person (5 people minimum) — Paint one another to music using body paint with an instructor present to guide you!

Add a Model or 2! :

+ $150/model (Male or Female) — Paint with your friends on a professional model to learn & create with body paint, guided by an instructor!

Add Refreshments!:

+ $99 — We will include 3 bottles of wine (red, white, or sparkling) and cups to enhance your festive experience!

Add a Professional Painting! :

+$150 — Create lasting memories by having one of our professional artists paint the celebrated person (bride or groom, etc) in a professional body art design of their choosing!

Add a Professional Photoshoot! :

+$99/hour — Remember the experience with a professional photoshoot at the end of your party to capture the art that you’ve created!