Anima Sola

anima sola body painting by Danny SetiawanThis is another piece for the “stories” series where I tell the model’s story through body painting.

We picked the concept Anima Sola (purgatory) because the model feels that she is in purgatory. Abandonment and incidents in her past makes her feel that she deserves to be in it.

In her own words:

“… I feel I’m in purgatory since my moth abandoned me and my twin sister ran away from our foster home. I also don’t like myself very much and see myself as a “bad” person, therefore deserving purgatory.”

For the composition and digital enhancement, instead of going the grunge route which is an obvious choice, I chose a different direction. I decided to show the cold lonely feeling of being in a personal purgatory where no one could understand what one goes through. Everything seems fine and beautiful from the outside while this inferno is tormenting her on the inside.

Model: Faye Brandt