bliss remixed

Bliss body painting by Danny SetiawanThis is one of my very first body paintings, done in Los Angeles.

I was happy with the way the painting turns out, but then we had technical issue with the strobe when we did the photo shoot. The strobes just would not go off.

We went ahead with the shoot anyway. I was not so thrilled with the photos.

For that reason, I decided to really push the envelope with the post production in Photoshop as you can see in this final image.

The area of the painting itself is pretty much untouched, but I flattened and apply all kinds of effects to the figure and the rest of the image. This is loosely inspired by the way Mucha and Klimt do crazy stuff around the focal point to draw the viewer’s eye to the main thing that they want them to see.

Model: Kristen Ortiz