Carry the Ocean with Me


The design for this UV body painting piece starts with the colorful and peaceful ocean scene on the front with a couple dolphins swimming in the distance. We added the dolphins to symbolize the model’s willingness to help people around her who are in need.

The model describes herself as a free spirit who has a strong lust for life. She grew up in a beach community down south and knows that eventually she’ll return there since that’s where her soul belongs. This is why we have strong oceanic theme going on.

In the mean time, she’s pursuing various passions ranging from marketing to modeling. She’s always drawn to experiences that allow her to express herself believing that there’s a very powerful force inside of her. To symbolize this, the big tsunami wave was added to her back.

The designs are connected with the word “solace” on her arm and organic shapes that symbolizes symbolize growth.

Danny did this painting during the Paint in the Dark Class for couples on 09/09/16 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn NYC.