Girl Before a Mirror

Girl before a mirror body painting by Danny SetiawanThis is a reproduction of one of Picasso’s paintings “Girl Before a Mirror” as body painting.

I’m drawn by this painting because of the bold colors and the way Picasso depicts the subject matter.

As pointed out by the model for this piece, the girl in this painting sees herself in distorted way when she looks at the figure in the mirror.

Picasso uses warmer colors for the girl and he uses cooler and darker colors for her reflection. Also, the body shape of the girl is young and firm while the reflection shows sagging breasts and tired body.

Another interesting about this piece is how Picasso uses bold strong geometric pattern for the background (wallpaper) to compliment the figure. In the post production, I decided to reverse it by using the organic shapes from the painting to contrast the wallpaper. I also made the point to maintain the vibrancy of the entire piece to be true to the painting.

I love the model’s dynamic pose in this image which makes the painting work so well with her beautiful curves. Her facial expression and the position of her hands holding her face fits perfectly with the theme of this painting.

Model: V D