Healing Energy

An honor to work with a powerful and beautiful soul as part of the “My Body, My Story” series.

The design consists of acupuncture meridians, an image of the model dancing, and the words “everything feels impossible until it’s done”

In the post production, additional “messiness” added to represents the unpredictability of life. Additionally, towards the top, organic flourish shapes with the meridian patterns to represent the model’s healing energy.

Model: @the_veganjoj
In her own words:
“All of my stories are recorded in my body. Stories of being sick, medicated, ashamed, feeling broken. But more importantly, taking control of my own narrative. Writing my own stories of finding healing through movement, exploration and holistic medicine.

I’m a week and a half away from surgery. It’s been an unpleasant shock to say the least, learning I have cancer while otherwise feeling so healthy, but I feel much better-equipped to face this than I ever would have in the past. I’m about as calm as I can be because I know I have the knowledge and skills and support I need to take care of myself. In that regard, I’m worlds apart from where I used to be and I’m grateful for it.

Tomorrow marks my last day of an exhausting but immensely rewarding 4 year Master’s in acupuncture and herbal medicine.

It’s surreal knowing I’m about to be out on my own as a practitioner, but I can’t wait to continue sharing what I’ve learned.”
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