Reine Lefebvre & Margot

Reine Lefebre & Margot body painting by Danny Setiawan This is another piece from the “stories” series.

For this piece, I did a reproduction of a Mary Cassatt’s painting titled “Reine Lefebre And Margot Before A Window”.

We picked this particular piece because this piece is about the model’s relationship with her mother who was her best friend.

In her own words:

“My Mom’s passing in 2006 took a huge toll on me. She was my best friend and a lovely woman. One month after her death, I founded a Motherless Daughters Group to help other gals in need. That group helped me mourn and heal in a time when all I wanted to do was run away. And I’m proud to say that at those monthly meetings I met a group of girls that understood what I was experiencing. After 5 years, I remain close friends with many of the ladies. This is where the Mary Cassatt pieces come into play because her work is child / mother and I can totally relate to that due to my close relationship and bond with my own mother.”

I really the model’s pose in this picture because how her face is facing back symbolizes looking back to the past. Her facial expression also adds to that. From the view of composition, I also like her your pose accentuate the strong diagonal line in the painting between the mother and daughter’s faces.

For the editing, I decided to create the nostalgic feel with the old stamps and “dirty” texture. The 2 main colors (red and green) with orange tint create a dramatic atmospheric feel that makes the piece feel surreal.

Model: Debbie Abazia