Wife, lover, mother

Wife, lover, mother body painting The masterpiece we reproduced in this body painting is Gustav Klimt’s “Three Ages of Woman”.

The original painting shows 3 female figures : a baby, a grown young woman (mother) and an old woman, however Danny was only interested in showing the baby and young woman because of the recent arrival of his daughter which brought a new found appreciation for the relationship between mother and child.

As he spoke to the model to prepare for the body painting session, her own story made this piece even more interesting and set the direction for photo shoot, make up and the post production.

Here’s the concept in her own words:

For christmas, all my husband desired was ‘his wife, lover and the mother if his child’. So Danny helped me bring him all three at the same time. To present this gift to my husband, I invited him to a ‘secret rendez-vous’ where a DenArt staff welcomed him asking ‘How do you feel about nudity?…Follow me’, and before he could answer, he found himself at the photoshoot for this masterpiece.

Model: Josephine