Bodypainting class as field trip finale

Earlier this month, we ran a 2-day bodypainting class at our studio for a group of Chinese students from Shanghai who were in NYC for a field trip.

Our studio was their last stop before they fly back to China.

On the first day, we did introduction to bodypainting where the students painted a koi fish design on a model.

As homework, they worked together to design their own painting.

When they returned for the second day, they were ready with the design and this time we switched things up a bit by using the glow-in-the-dark paint.

Below are the pictures from the classes

Few days after the class, we received a very nice thank you email from the teacher who coordinated the trip. It says:

Dear Danny and Katya,
Thanks you did every things for this class,the students very happy with your class,I think the class is very success, we would leave today around,great meeting you!and hope we have better future!

Here’s the screenshot of that email: