Shanghai Art Students’ Field Trip Finale 2017

body painting class in session


This month, we had the opportunity to run 2-day body painting workshop at our studio in Brooklyn for 11 art students from Shanghai who were in New York City as part of a week long field trip.

The body painting workshop was the last bit of their trip. It was the finale. Something unique and different that allows them to express their artistic ability and exercise their skills in a new way.

Day 1

For the first day, the students were introduced to our studio and body painting.

After a brief history of how DenArt studio started and what we’ve done to date, we did a warm up exercise. In the warm up exercise, they painted on themselves to get an idea of how it feels to get painted and getting used to the body paint supplies.

For the rest of the session, they painted a koi fish design on one model. Here are some pictures of the class in session and the final piece.

Day 2

At the end of Day 1, the students were split into 2 teams and were given an assignment to design a UV piece for the second day.

On Day 2, we had 2 models and each team worked on one model to execute their design.

Here are the class in progress and the final result.
finished UV body painting