Behind-the-scene “Sensual” Chocolate body painting shoot

Here are some behind-the-scene shot of the “Sensual” chocolate body painting video shoot that Danny did today at our studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC.

He used a home made chocolate paint, Kama sutra body paint, Hershey’s syrup and a couple other chocolate products.

It was a really interesting experience since the studio was filled with the chocolate scent from the body paint and various chocolate product. We felt like we were at a bakery!

For the design, Danny did a fashion illustration style of faces with some flourish design elements and birds silhouette.

We can’t talk much about the project itself because it’s still in production. All we can say is that it’s for a well-known media company that’s working on a video about sex and chocolate.

Video of details of the finished chocolate body painting

Model: Olivia A